About Mike DeWitt


I’ve spent most of my nearly 20-year legal career representing insurance companies and their insureds.  Prior to going to law school, I was both an insurance agent and a licensed securities broker and I use that experience to provide clients with a unique perspective on the challenges and issues confronting the insurance industry. While I devote a good portion of my practice to assisting insurance companies, plan administrators and plan sponsors in developing litigation resolution strategies related to life, health and disability insurance claims-handling disputes, I also represent clients in matters involving property damage, professional malpractice and catastrophic personal injuries.  My experience includes defending insureds in such matters, as well as representing insurance companies in coverage litigation arising from these incidents.

During my career, I’ve assisted clients in matters involving breach of contract and bad faith as well as the pursuit of punitive damages. I also draw upon my practical knowledge of the insurance industry and strong understanding of the law to promptly identify and focus on the compelling details of each case as well as to detect potential challenges. Through this approach, I provide clients with the ability to make early, informed decisions about settlement positions and litigation strategy.

I have also represented companies in cases before both insurance and securities regulatory agencies, including defending and prosecuting cases involving contractual disputes between insurance representatives/agents and their companies, both in court and in arbitrations before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

I’m also a frequent lecturer and author and I was co-author of the disability insurance section of the New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition treatise, published in 2013. I graduated from Ohio University with a history degree and received my law degree from Capital University Law School, where I’ve taught the legal research and writing class in the paralegal program since 2003.

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